Soul Retrieval

What is a soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is practiced in almost all traditions and cultures. The term soul loss refers to when a person has experienced loss through traumatic events. Some of the areas we look at are specific ages or events, family of origin and its experiences, relationships, addiction, accidents, and illnesses. Soul loss can leave a person feeling fragmented, separated from their joy, purpose, strength, authenticity, happiness, ability to connect with themselves or others. Soul loss can result in illnesses of the mind body or spirit, unwanted energy, depression, addiction, and sometimes even a spirit or entity that has attached itself or entered into someone. Also, the practitioner will be calling home or retrieving the clients authentic energy, health, essences, or specific ages that were lost, given away, or even taken.

Soul Retrieval Healing

Soul retrieval is focused on the client’s sacred intention for coming. It begins with a prayer and smudging with sage smoke. The client and practitioner will have a brief interview about the history of the client.

The practitioner will prepare the space with a blanket on the floor. They lay next to the client touching shoulder, hip, and ankle. The practitioner enters a shamanic state of consciousness (a trance like state) thru a monotonous drum beat. There are three major areas of work. Extraction work is where the practitioner will look for intrusions and cording. Intrusions are unwanted energies, memories, illnesses, or things that show up in a person’s mind, body, or spirit that are unauthentic to them. Intrusions are removed and given to the spirits to be transformed into good usable energy. The second stage of the work is looking for specific ages (soul parts) that may have left because of trauma. Psychologists refer to this as shock or PTSD. A state of fight or flight. The practitioner will call home the energy or essence of the client which will be blown back into the heart and crown. The third part is finding a power animal (totem) which is a spirit animal that will guard and guide the client.

The practitioner is connected to his or her helpers in the unseen world. These are animal spirits and healing spirits that perform the work. You will often hear growling of the bear or cawing of the crow.

Sometimes the client will experience sadness, laughter, yelling, or nothing at all. These feelings are acknowledged and released.

The client is asked to bring an ally (support person(s)) to hold a loving positive space for the client. They are asked to stay for the entire duration of the work.

Soul Retrieval is performed in a safe and sacred space and manor

How to prepare for a soul retrieval:

  • If a client is currently using medications, let the practitioner know during the initial phone call.
  • A commitment is asked of a client to show up with at least 48 hours being drug and alcohol free.
  • Do some writing and reflection in these areas before your soul retrieval:
  • What is your intention for having a soul retrieval?
  • Were there any specific ages or events where soul loss occurred? (Trauma, Accidents, Illness)?
  • Reflect on Family, Relationships, Addiction, Re-Occurring Dreams
  • Invite an ally(s), someone you feel can hold a loving and positive space.


Giveaways are a full hearted gift that you offer your drummer, practitioner, and supporter(s) for making the healing possible. A long time ago people offered gifts in proportion to how they valued their life… What are you receiving?

 After Care

Welcome Home! Celebrate your soul parts as they may have been gone for some time, and are not familiar with your current life. Introduce them to the life you live now, as it may be very different.

These tools are recommended for integration, actually, essential:

Another word for soul retrieval is psychic surgery. This is a period of post op. While some people return to work, other’s take time off to rest and reflect. Everyone has a slightly different experience.

Non-Denominational Handwriting – Is a technique to communicate through writing using the non dominate hand. Ask questions such as how are you? Where are you? Re Introduce the parts to your life. I love you. How can I love you more? If a soul part wants to go to the park, make it happen. Make keep able promises, that’s how we build trust. You will become the ideal mother and father to these parts of yourself. Enjoy them, and parent them! For example you are the bus driver and the soul parts are the passengers, you are driving. Another example is they are the baby on your back. The adult leads, keeping the child safe and sacred.

Some form of a therapy based practice. If you need a references, see referral page.

Mind – Therapy, Life Coaching, NLP (Nero Linguistics Program), Family Constellations

Body – Body Work, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Yoga

Spirit – Creative Practices, Writing Practices, Spiritual Practices, Singing, Dancing, Creating, Biking, Swimming

Nature – Time in nature, time with the Mystery

Self Parenting – Some people have experienced cravings for foods they ate as a child. Make win wins. It may be boca burgers instead of hamburgers, or a soy version of ice cream instead of ice cream…

If a soul part has returned from a period of drugs or alcohol and you no longer drink, let them know. Or it may be one glass of wine, not a bottle. Track yourself

“I love you”! Love yourself, pay attention, and good parenting, enjoy!!

Altar Building – Simple or not, objects or images (symbols), photographs of yourself at those ages.

Cradling – Is an exercise in holding yourself for 5 minutes everyday.

Follow up – Schedule an appointment in 4-8 weeks for integration.

Welcome Home!