Private Mentorship

Private Mentorships are sculpted to assess a clients personal, professional, spiritual and relational needs.

The sessions are designed to assist a client in recognizing their potential, offering them tools to actualize vision and take the action steps necessary to get there.

The client is responsible to show up fully to the sessions and is willing to be an active participant in their work; to be fully engaged in their own life.

The role of the mentor is to show up fully and be present with the client using both mystical and practical experience, tools and suggestions assisting her clients in their growth.

These sessions are one hour long, leaving the client with useful tools to integrate. Clients come as often as once a month or once a season.

About Roshi

Roshi is actively teaching a Healing/Shamanic circle called eARTh and creative workshops. She is an active participant in the healing and creative arts community in Seattle. She teaches nationwide in New York, California, Florida and Arizona, and offers both private sessions and group classes and talks.

To book an appointment for a mentorship, healing session or group event, contact her office at 425-820-8218.

Have a blessed experience!