Psychic Readings & Healing

A reading is a one hour session that begins with a prayer and is predominately directed by the practitioner, as there is often much to share. The pratitioner is using their gifts of clairvoyence, clairaudenience, and clairsentience to communicate with the unseen spirit allies who bring healing, compassion, and tools to grow.

The purpose of a reading essentially is to take a look at the clients life, the circumstances that are affecting their state of living and how they feel in the world.

We look at past events that might be affecting current situations and bring resolution.

The client is given tools that are solution oriented helping shape shift their life, helping to live fully present with an open, full, clear, and strong heart.


Information, Inspiration, Transformation

Couples Sessions/Healing

We will look at the relationship as a whole and each person as an individual. Each session is unique to the couple’s work together and in their personal lives.

What commitment do each person have to their own life dream? What commitments do they have to their relational dream? What has full heart and meaning?

What are ways to deepen intimacy?

  • Creative Solutions
  • Deepening Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • What history needs to be cleaned up? Are we accountable for our own part? Forgiveness?